We offer you a range of ultra high brightness monitor to place in your shopping windows.

Size available : 
32" : 748 x 442 x 69mm
43" : 980 x 568 x 85mm
49" : 1097 x 627 x 85mm
55" : 1232 x 703 x 85mm
65" : 1468 x 843 x 85mm
75" : 1689 x 968 x 85mm

Full solution including : screen, hanging system, cloud managing system


Choose the screen size


Floor stand or wall frame ?


Make your own playlist in your personnal cloud system management (include in the purchase)


Connect Internet 
Automatic synchronisation
PLAY :-)

Step 1 : 

Choose a screen size from 32" to 75"

Step 2 : 

Choose the hanging system you prefer: 
- Place on a wall
- Floor stand

Step 3 : 
Place your media in the cloud 

Once you place an order, we will create a personal access to allow you to control your screen easily from the cloud. 

You will receive personnally a confirmation of order and the procedure to access to your account. 

Step 4 : 
Easy Installation

The only things to do : 

1. Place the screen on the hanging system (take a few minuts depending the system) 
2. Connect the Internet RJ45 cable into the screen or connect it to your Wifi (take a few seconds)
3. Set the orientation of your screen 
4. Upload your content on your account

The Screen will automatically display your content

==> Then let's play with it