Visualys is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and one of the  pioneers and market leaders in the field  of professional digital LCD displays.

Since more than 12 years, Visualys offers, through its growing network of certified distributors, resellers and agents, affordable one-stop-shop customized digital communication solutions.

To meet the demand  Our factories in China have the capability to produce over 2,500 professional digital displays every day.

Logistics Centre

We import, custom clear, store and distribute around Europe from our logistics centre located in Dusseldorf, Germany.
The location is strategically chosen, close to the ports or Antwerp and Rotterdam and with easy road and train delivery to our distributors and resellers across Europe.
Delivery of most of our LCD products can be arranged within less than 48 hours from order.

Centre of Excellence

New - Discover our full range in our showroom in Ostend. 

Meet the team responsible for European distribution and customer service.