Advantages of the platform

    With Visunet ™, each screen can become a digital communication tool. It’s easy to use and scalable from 1 to thousand of screens


    Powerfull Saas cloudbased software that is easy to use

    Support & Training

    Live customer support and no charge on-going training and updates.

    Any number of display

    Easy to deploy for any number of displays, but scalable enought to handle thousands of displays

    Innovative features

    A wide range of innovative features including Anonymous Analytics/ Facial recognition, gesture control, video presence for integrated live, 2-way video chat, and much more.

    Highly reliable

    Highly reliable with a robust set of remote management and automated maintenance tools

    visualys features rapid publish

    Rapid publishing
    Template Playlist Publish

    Visunet, via its easy to use drag-and-drop system, allows you to send and publish content on to your digital display in a matter of seconds.

    Multi-zone layout

    Visunet allows you to design your own layouts, in both horizontal and vertical orientation.  You can create different zones for text, images, videos and webpages.

    Custom Background

    With Visunet you can upload and modify custom designed background images and select exact HEX code colours. You can add in special areas that display the date, the time, the weather or even live television.

    Schedule Playlists

    Visunet allows you to publish content immediately or at pre-defined dates and times as far in the future as you like.

    Multi-screen Synchronization

    Visunet enables you to synchronise your content across multiple screens or players connected to the same network.

    Remote Commands

    No matter where you are or where the displays are, Visunet allows you to access, update and monitor your network from the dashboard.

    Visunet also allows you to send commands such as reboot of the displays, format the memory, start and stop content playback and adjust the sound volume of the screen.

    User Management

    With Visunet you can create and manage an unlimited number of different users with customised privileges per user.


    User activity as well as communivation with the server can be viewed and exported into a report.  This allows you to provide proof of play records.

    Display Live Webpages

    With Visunet, you can easily display webpages or social media feeds, providing the an enormous wealth of possibilities. You can set refresh times so the data displayed is always current.

    Display Live Input

    Visunet allows you to use an external source to display a live feed. This enables you to display live television or streaming.

    Scrolling Text/RSS

    Visunet enables you to add a fully customisable scrolling message on your display. Direction, speed, size and colour of your text can be changed easily as well as the colour and transparency of the background. 

    With Visunet you can also deliver  ‘live’ updates on your screen using RSS feeds for news or any other live updates.

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