Ultra Narrow Bezel Monitor

    The Visualys Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD Monitor offers the globe’s top in digital advertising signage.
    A narrow bezel helps to draw attention to the screens images and not to the display ensuring maximum impact messaging. Thanks to the narrow bezel these monitors can also be used as part of a budget friendly video wall.

    Displays range from 32’’ to 55’’. Electronic Signage is simply one of the most effective and powerful way to send different kinds of information to your audiences and achieve a better interactive experience.


    Android system

    With build-in Android system and our powerful CDMS software application VisuNet®,it becomes extremely simple to manage the content you wish to display.

    LG commercial grade LCD panel

    This panel guarantees long-lasting superiority and unrivalled reliability.

    Ideal for a wide variety of applications

    These innovative digital displays are ideal for a wide variety of applications in different industries or occasions such as a banks, chain stores, ticket offices, hotels, restaurants, retail shops, etc.

    Portrait or landscape

    Cloud based



    Multi-Screen synchronisation

    Full HD

    Android OS

    Smart Timer

    24 / 7 play

    Narrow bezel

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