Mobile Battery Operated Totem (Outdoor)

    This weatherproof mobile battery operated totem brings a world of new digital advertising opportunities.

    Battery operated

    The high-density built-in lithium battery holds up to 12 hours, plenty of power to satisfy the day.


    The anti-glare surface treatment ensures that the images displayed are not distorted.



    The IP65 grade waterproof display is developed specifically for outdoors and is also high temperature resistant. No dark spots at 110 degrees Celcius.
    Higher brightness and higher contrast keep the image displayed always life-like, in the brightest sun to the most challenging lighting environment. As different conditions require different levels of brightness, the body is equipped with a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to changes in ambient light.

    Quality guaranteed

    Only the most durable LG ISP panels are used for this display and we guarantee that the liquid crystal will not sink and will not turn yellow at the lower edges over time. In addition, the display provides a wide color range, high color reproduction, professional-grade image quality and a stable performance.


    Cloud based




    Full HD

    Android OS

    Smart Timer

    24 / 7 play


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