Dual Elevator Display

    The Visualys 19” elevator display is equipped with a dual screen and large viewing angle to optimize the advertising possibilities in a small space.

    Durable and light

    The front frame and the side walls are made of special composite material, engineered to make the digital screen lighter and more durable.

    Easy Mounting

    The display comes with easy to install mobile mounting brackets which support a wide range of installation types and conform to most of the standard elevator panels.

    Visunet mediaplayer integrated

    Our Android media player is integrated inside the screen allowing to connect immediately with Visunet without needing any additional hardware, either through wifi or 4G.

    Dual display

    Double screen to allow for flexibility in display and functions. The display switches automatically between different advertising or information content at intervals programmed in advance.

    Integrated speaker

    Cloud based

    Android OS

    4G / WLAN

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