Digital Rod Display

    The Visualys 15″ rod displays replace the traditional real estate agent window displays. No more need to print and struggle to add the properties for sale or for rent into the frames. Create, change and update the content as frequent as you like.

    Rod Powered

    The power to the display is provided via the rods on which they are mounted. This allows for a clean and seamless installation with no visible cables.

    LED Frame

    These innovative displays have an attractive LED illuminated beveled edge to allow for attractive display along side traditional static light pockets.

    Visunet mediaplayer integrated

    Our Android media player is integrated inside the screen allowing to connect immediately with Visunet without needing any additional hardware.

    Multiple display

    Multiple screens can be intelligently spliced to display one image or video creating dynamic ultra-wide screen advertising to surely attract the attention of your customers.

    24 / 7 play

    Sunlight readable

    LED frame

    Android media player

    Plug and play

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