Digital Mediaplayer

    Convert your existing screens and televisions into cloud network digital advertising displays. All you need is one of our media player and a Visunet license.

    Android PC board

    The integrated Android PC board provides a super fast processing speed allowing for improved communication with Visunet.

    Easy connect

    You can connect our Media Player easily to your existing screen via the HDMI or VGA ports. You can then upload content from via Visunet either wirelessly), via your Local Area Network (LAN) or alternativily a 4G solution if the location does not already have internet access.

    Multi format content display

    The Mediaplayer in combination with Visnuet allows you to display any format of images, videos and live websites.

    Easy Update

    Content can be uploaded and managed from anywhere in the world via Visunet. Simply login, upload your images and videos to our secure server and send them directly to your screens. 


    Eco friendly power timer

    Cloud based


    24 / 7 play

    Multiple AV inputs

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