Android Edge Digital Displays

    Amaze your clients with a smarter and faster digital signage display, with integrated WiFi and designed for running Android apps.

    Innovative solutions

    – Android: Run your own app or choose your favorite app to run.
    – Integrated WiFi.
    – Save and play content with internal memory.

    Maximizing the impact of your message

    – Take control of your displays with VisuNet CDMS.
    – Manage settings of multiple displays with VisuNet.
    – Create and update content with VisuNet.

    Care about you, your business and your audience

    – Ensure your content is running with automatic screenshots.
    – Keep your content up and running with FailOver.
    – SmartPower for energy saving.

    Screen size

    Size 32″ DD32BDL400
    Size 43″ DD43BDL450
    Size 49″ DD49BDL450
    Size 55″ DD55BDL450
    Size 56″ DD65BDL450

    Multiple AV Inputs

    Cloud based



    IPS Panel

    Full HD

    Android OS

    Smart Timer

    24 / 7 play

    Narrow bezel

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